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I was born and raised in Walla Walla, Washington.  My wife and I recently moved back to Walla Walla after I retired from my job as a store planner with Nordstrom.


My first camera was this Ansco box camera that my parents gave me on the first day of second grade.  However, I didn't  become seriously interested in photography until I was a freshman in Interior Design at Washington State University. The following summer I bought an enlarger and processing equipment, and set up a darkroom in the laundry room of our home.  My camera was a used Kodak 35mm Retinette 1A with a sometimes sticky shutter that made exposure unreliable.


At about that time, I saw the movie Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni, and I was enthralled by the photographer's life that the film portrayed.  While the glamour of fashion photography and its trappings were enticing, what truly inspired me was how it seemed that the photographer was able, through his camera, to observe, experience and record his world with more intensity and in greater detail than most people.  I envied the freedom he had to wander with his camera and shoot whatever caught his attention.  And, like a poet who chooses just the right words to succinctly communicate his ideas, the photographer could find beauty or meaning in the people, places and things around him and communicate it through his careful framing, composition, exposure and focus.  Through his camera and his art, he was able to reveal ideas that weren't readily apparent to the casual observer.


So I saved my money and purchased my first SLR: a Practica, made in East Germany.  That was forty years ago, and I've been making photographs ever since, although I moved up to Nikon equipment a couple years after I graduated from college and had a steady income.


I have been employed, first as an interior designer, and later as a store planner, for most of those 40 years.  There have been ups and downs in my pursuit of photography, and changes in direction.  I traveled and photographed extensively in Western Europe, England and Ireland.  I was self-employed for a few years and did some fashion and product photography as part of that business.  When our daughters were young, there was less time for me to get away and take pictures, so my personal work languished.  But I took on assignments for the architectural firm that employed me, as well as other architects and interior designers, shooting architecture and interiors using 4x5 view camera equipment.


In 2003 I switched to digital, thanks to encouragement from my brother-in-law, Steve Wheatcraft, and it completely reenergized my love for photography.  This site represents some of my earliest film images, all the way up to my most recent digital photographs.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy making them.


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